Sermons / homilies from the early church fathers
What Happened on the Cross, by John Damascene 
A Few Drops of Blood Renew the Whole World, by Gregory Nazianzen 
What We Behold on the Cross, by Augustine 
Contemplating the Lord's Passion by Leo the Great
The Lamb that was Slain by Melito of Sardis
The Power of the Blood of Christ by John Chrysostom
By One Death and Resurrection the World Was Saved by Basil
The Life-giving Cross of Christ by Theodore the Studite
Let us too glory in the Cross by Augustine
The Cross of Christ by Leo the Great
The Body of Christ Gives Life to Those Who Receive It, by Cyril of Alexandria
The Death of Death by Augustine
The Good Shepherd gives new life beyond the grave, by Basil of Seleucia

Reflections and Meditations
He Bore Our Pride In His Body on the Cross, by Raniero Cantalamessa 
The Throne of Love, by Rupert, Abbot of Deutz 
Contemplating Christ's Passion, by Jeanne Kun
Jesus' Crucifixion: 'It Is Finished', by Jeanne Kun
Freedom from Sin and Death, by Jeanne Kun
The Seven Last Words of Jesus, reflections and paintings by John Dunne 
The Shedding of Christ's Blood (meditation on Hebrews 9)
"It is Finished!" (meditation on John 19)
The Passion, Death, & Resurrection: meditations on the Four Gospels

Hymns and poems
Oh, The Cross (an early church hymn)
When I Survey the Wondrous Cross
God has Reigned From a Tree(a passion hymn)
Awakened to Eternity: a spiritual journey of poems for Passiontide and Easter 

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