The Good News  of Jesus' Resurrection

Sermons / homilies from the early church fathers
• The Easter Alleluia, by Augustine, 5th century
• The Power of Faith, by Cyril of Jerusalem, 4th century
• The Spiritual Passover, by Pseudo-Chrysostom
• Why Christians come together on Sunday, by Justin Martyr, 2nd century
• The Lord's Descent into the Underworld, from an ancient homily for Holy Saturday
• The Victory of the Lamb of God, by Melito of Sardis, 2nd century
• The Easter Praise of Christ, by Melito of Sardis, 2nd century

• The Good Shepherd gives new life beyond the grave, by Basil of Seleucia
• The Cross of Christ gives life to the human race, by Ephraem Syriac, 4th century
• The Lamb that was slain has given us new life: Passover homily by Melito of Sardis (2nd century AD) 
• The Death of Death by Augustine

Reflections and Meditations
• What Is the Resurrection of Jesus? by Josef Ratzinger/Pope Benedict XVI
• The Cross - the One True Glorification of God, by Joseph Ratzinger/ Pope Benedict XVI
• Recognizing the Presence of Jesus, by Romano Guardini
• The Ascension of Christ, by Fulton J. Sheen

• The Incarnate, Crucified, and Risen Christ, by Dieterich Bonhoeffer
• The Resurrection of Christ Is God’s Yes to Us, by Dietrich Bonhoeffer

• Exalted Over All, by Steve Clark
• Receiving Redemption: United with Christ we pass from death to new life, by Steve Clark
• New Life in Christ, by Steve Clark
• Dying to Defeat Death: The death of Jesus was a victory over death itself, by Steve Clark
• The Redeemer Who Died, by Steve Clark

• New Birth into Living Hope: A commentary on 1 Peter 1:3-9, by Dr. Daniel Keating
• The Good News of Easter, by Fr. Herb Schneider, SJ
• Behold the Lamb by Dave Quintana

• The Triumph of the Cross: The Risen Lord opens the Scriptures to his disciples on the road to Emmaus, by Jeanne Kun
• Mary Magdalene:A portrait of love stronger than death, by Jeanne Kun
• Simon Peter: transforming weakness into strength, by Jeanne Kun
• Mary Magdalene: The First Witness to the Risen Christ, by Jeanne Kun
• Awakened to Eternity, poem by Jeanne Kun
• Thomas meets the Risen Christ, by Jeanne Kun
• Graven on the Palms of Your Hands, a poem by Jeanne Kun

• Road to Emmaus, painting and reflection by John Dunne
• The Son Risen with Healing, by Patrick Henry Reardon
• The Truth Who Lives, by Patrick Henry Reardon

• News of the Resurrection (meditation on Mattahew 28:8-15)
• Breaking of the bread at Emmaus (meditation on Luke 24:13-35)
• "Do not be faithless, but believing!" (meditation on John 20:19-31)

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