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Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children

In Gaza Strip, more than 10,000 people are with hearing impediments or deaf.  The Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children was established in May 1992 by women's health care and education professionals. Atfaluna helps deaf and hard-of-hearing children realize their right to academic education, vocational training, in addition to complementary services including audiology and health care, counseling, social assistance, and eventual job placement. Atfaluna works closely with the deaf child's family. Atfaluna is the only institution in the Gaza Strip devoted solely to deaf education and complementary services for the deaf. The Society is administered by a board of directors of both staff and voluntary members.  

Projects, Activities and Services include the following:  Special education for profoundly and severely deaf children, 3-16 years of age. Audiology including assessments, hearing aid fittings and ear-mould making. Hearing aid bank for the needy; social work services, out-patient and enrolled students. Vocational training: carpentry, furniture, painting, sewing and embroidery, traditional crafts. Women's income generating schemes. Deaf women's sewing, embroidery and crafts provide incomes to 120 needy deaf women. Teachers, parents and community training in Palestinian Sign Language, better parenting, and deaf education. 

Several alumni, including young man in above photo, teach at Atfaluna

Geraldine Shawa, founder and president of Atfaluna
with Fr. Guido Gockel from the Pontifical Mission for Palestine

Some of the handcrafts made by students and sold to support Atfaluna 

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