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"Ecce Homo" Group Pilgrimage to Mount Sinai
      Some twenty members of the "Ecce Homo" group in Jerusalem along with friends traveled to Mount Sinai on March 30-31, 2001.  They left with more than 200 pilgrims at 3:00 am, processing with torch lights on foot or by camel up the mountain believed to be the spot where Moses received God's law. The journey took about two and one-half hours.  After sunrise they celebrated the Eucharist overlooking the spot where Elijah took refuge from the rage of Queen Jezebel (1 Kings 19:9-15). This trip was an unforgettable experience and spiritual highpoint for all.
     Pilgrims have made their way to Mount Sinai since at least the fourth century to visit the Monastery at the place believed to be the spot where Moses saw the burning bush.  Above this spot rises the peak of Mount Sinai, known as Jebel Musa (Mount Moses) to the locals.  Moses led the people from Egypt to Mount Horeb where he ascended the heights to speak with God.  There God revealed himself to Moses and gave the Chosen People a way of life embodied in the Decalogue.  A monastery was built here in the fourth century to mark the place where Moses saw the burning bush and heard God speak to him.

"Ecce Homo" group on top of Mount Sinai - click photo to see large version

view of sunrise atop Mount Sinai

Sr. Marie Claire from Taiwan with her camel 

Adolph perched on a ledge waiting for sunrise

click to see more photos of group

early morning Mass on Mount Sinai - click for more photos of Mass


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