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The Gaza strip
Gaza is a narrow strip of land (about 50 km long and as little as six km wide) along the Mediterranean coast with the Sinai desert to the south and the Negev desert to the east.  It is one of the world's most densely populated areas. Its population has swelled to over 1.2 million people since many refugees have fled here since 1951.  Over 60% of the population here live in squalid overcrowded refugee camps. Since September, 2000 the Israelis have sealed off this area making it the world's largest concentration camp. Few can enter and hardly any can leave. Unemployment is rampant and hopelessness prevades this once happy and prosperous land.  Gaza city is one of the world's oldest towns. It was one of the Philistine's five great cities.  Some say Gaza has been taken and destroyed in wars more often than any other town in the world. 
Gaza youth along the Mediterranean seacoast

Brotherhood Park in Gaza City

bicycles are a popular means of transportation here

Fr. Musallam, pastor of Holy Family, Gaza’s only Catholic parish (see photo
above), remarked, “It is impossible to live or survive here without providence.” 
He went on to say that the only cure for the conflict and suffering here was 
love. “We need love. Love is the only medicine for this disease.” 

Latin Patriarchate School in Gaza

marketplace in Gaza City
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