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Pontifical Mission for Palestine
Having recently spent three months in Jerusalem on a sabbatical, I was able to see close-up the needs and challenges facing the Holy Land.  I had occasion to live with Fr. Guido Gockel, Regional Director for PMP and see the work of the Pontifical Mission and to visit some of their projects. 

The PMP is a relief and development agency for the Middle East. The motto "need not creed" guides its mission to bring humanitarian aid, to support the churches, to foster inter-faith cooperation, and to advocate public awareness of the needs of the region. PMP is operating agent for Catholic Near East Welfare Association.

Some of the PMP projects and programs include rehabilitation of homes for the poorest, support of institutions for the handicapped, the elderly, and emergency relief for victims of the conflict in the region, and educational, cultural, and social/pastoral activities. 

Through the generosity of a donar from the States, the Pontifical Mission has undertaken the construction of three parks--a safe haven for Palestinian mothers with their children. 

See recent photos of Family Park  in Ramallah, the Marie Dotty Park in Bethlehem, and the Brotherhood Park in Gaza City.

Fr. Guido Gockel, MHM, Regional Director of PMP, is a Millhill Missionary priest. He received the Pro Ecclesia at Pontifice (For the Church and Pope)award for his work in the Holy Land.  See IF ONLY I COULD DO SOMETHING: Praying for Peace in the Holy Land. 

Pontifical Mission Staff [from left to right: Maher, Aida, Tony, Rose, 
Fr. Guido Gockel (Regional Director), Joseph, and Gabi.

Marie Doty Park in Bethlehem

Family Park in Ramallah

Ephetha School for the Deaf

Brotherhood Park in Gaza

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