Oh, The Cross
(an early church hymn)

Oh, the Cross, the Savior dying, 
Wounded sore, and faint, and sighing, 
Bowed beneath the burden lying 
On His spotless soul. 
'Tis thy load He falters under; 
Speaks not heav'n in wrathful thunder? 
Earth! behold the sight, and wonder, 
Love has borne the rod. 
Love has borne the rod. 

Canst thou love the sin that bound Him, 
Threw the robe of scorn around Him, 
Mocking bowed the knee, and crowned Him 
With the cruel thorn? 
Jesus, at Thy feet relenting, 
Bring I all my guilt repenting, 
All my cruel sin lamenting; 
Christ, my sin forgive! 
Christ, my sin forgive!

The Savior Dying, print by Jeanne Kun
translation by John Brownlie
music (c) 1983 by Stacy Whitfield
The Savior Dying, (c) 1987 print by Jeanne Kun

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