The Gospel of John

a commentary & meditation for daily reflection and study


John 1:1-18  the Eternal Word becomes flesh
John 1:19-28  the witness of John the Baptist
John 1:29-34  the Lamb of God
John 1:35-42  the first disciples of Jesus
John 1:43-51  skeptical Nathaniel becomes a disciple

John 2:1-12 Jesus makes water into wine at Cana wedding feast
John 2:13-25 Jesus at Passover cleanses the temple

John 3:1-7  Nicodemus, a secret disciple of Jesus
John 3:7-15 "You must be born anew"
John 3:16-21 God's love and judgment
John 3:22-30 the final witness of John the Baptist
John 3:31-36 the One sent from heaven

John 4:1-42 Jesus offers the Samaritan woman living water
John 4:43-54 Jesus heals son of official at Capernaum

John 5:1-16 Jesus heals lame man at pool of Bethzatha
John 5:17-30 Jesus' first discourse on Father-Son relationship
John 5:31-47 Jesus answers the chages of his opponents

John 6:1-15 Jesus feeds 5000 by multiplying five loaves & two fish
John 6:16-21 Jesus walks on the Sea of Galilee to the disciples' boat
John 6:22-29 the crowds at Galilee seek out Jesus
John 6:30-35 Galileans want a sign from Jesus
John 6:35-40 Jesus offers himself as the "bread of life"
John 6:41-51 Galileans upset with Jesus' teaching on "bread of life"
John 6:52-59 Jesus' radical teaching in Capernaum synagogue
John 6:60-69 Jesus challenges disciples to believe his teaching

John 7:1-30 Jesus' confronted on Feast of Tabernacles
John 7:31-39 Jesus offers "rivers of living water" to those who thirst
John 7:40-53 reactions to Jesus

John 8:1-11 woman caught in adultery
John 8:12-20 Jesus' claim to be "the light of the world"
John 8:21-30 fatal imcomprehension
John 8:31-42 true discipleship, freedom and slavery
John 8:43-50 children of the devil
John 8:51-59 Jesus is greater than Abraham

John 9:1-41 Jesus heals the blind man at Pool of Siloam

John 10:1-10 Jesus' parable of the shepherd and the thieves
John 10:11-21Jesus the Good Shepherd
John 10:22-30 Jesus claims equality with the Father
John 10:31-42 Jesus answers charge of blasphemy

John 11:1-44 Jesus raises Lazarus from the tomb
John 11:45-57 chief priests take counsel to arrest Jesus

John 12:1-11 Mary anoints Jesus at Bethany
John 12:12-19 Jesus enters Jerusalem as Messianic King
John 12:20-26 the coming of Jesus' hour
John 12:27-43 the voice from heaven
John 12:44-50 Jesus came to save the world

John 13:1-17 Jesus washes his disciples feet
John 13:18-20 Jesus foretells his betrayal
John 13:21-30 betrayal and faltering loyalty
John 13:31-38 Jesus' farewell command

John 14:1-20 Jesus' last summer discourse: way to glory
John 14:21-22 last supper discourse: way to fellowship
John 14:23-26 last suppr discourse: way to fellowship
John 14:27-31 last supper discourse: promise of Holy Spirit

John 15:1-8 parable of the vine and branches
John 15:9-11 last supper discourse: abiding in love
John 15:12-17 Jesus' commandment of love
John 15:18-25 Jesus' discour on hatred of the world
John 15:26-16:4 the Counselor will bear witness to Jesus

John 16:5-11 the worl of the Holy Spirit
John 16:12-22 the Spirit of truth
John 16:23-28 direct access to the Father
John 16:29-33 Jesus has overcome the world

John 17:1-11 Jesus' high priestly prayer
John 17:12-19 "may they be consecrated in truth"
John 17:20-26 "may they be perfectly one"

John 18:1-11 Jesus' arrest in the Garden
John 18:12-27 Jesus' trial and Peter's denial
John 18:28-40 Jesus before Pilate

John 19:1-16 Jesus scourged & condemned
John 19:17-22 Jesus bears his cross to Golgatha
John 19:23-27 The gamblers and the women at the cross
John 19:28-30 Jesus dies on the cross
John 19:31-37 Jesus' pierced side
John 19:38-42 Jesus' burial

John 20:1-10 the empty tomb
John 20:11-18 Jesus appears to Mary Magdalen
John 20:19-31 Jesus appears to the disciples
John 21:1-14 Jesus appears at the Sea of Tiberias
John 21:15-19 Jesus commissions Peter to shepherd
John 21:20-25 John bears witness to the gospel

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