Veni Sancte Spiritus

Come, Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit, God of light, 
Fill us with your radiance bright; 
Gentle father of the poor, 
Make us, by your help, secure; 
Come, your boundless grace impart, 
Bring your love to ev'ry heart. 

Lord of consolation, come, 
Warm us when our hearts are numb;  
Great consoler, come and heal, 
To our souls your strength reveal; 
Cool, refreshing comfort pour, 
And our peace of mind restore. 

Light immortal, fire divine, 
With your love our hearts refine; 
Come, our inmost being fill, 
Make us all to do your will; 
Goodness you alone can give, 
Grant that in your grace we live. 

Come, our lukewarm hearts inspire, 
Mold our wills to your desire; 
In our weakness make us strong, 
And amend our every wrong; 
Guide us when we go astray, 
Wash our stain of guilt away. 

Give to every faithful soul 
Gifts of grace to make us whole; 
Help us when we come to die, 
So that we may live on high; 
Ever let your love descend, 
Give us joys that never end. 

Pentecost by El Greco, 17th cen. 
ascribed to Stephen Langton, c. 1150-1228
(translated by Anthony G. Petti)

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