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Ancient & Early Christian Verses
Introduction, The Mystery by Amergin, Deer's Cry or Patrick's Breastplate, Invocation, From East to West & Why,Impious Herod Vainly Fear by Caelius Sedulius, God's Praises, Christ's Bounty, O Son of God by Collum Cille, Blackbird by Belfast Lough, The Good Man, The Scribe, The White Lake, The Lark, Be Though My Vision, The Soul's Desire, Hospitality in Ancient Ireland, The Lay of Prince Marvan
Middle Ages to Modern Times
Allalu Mo Wauleen(Hail my Little Bag),Childless by Giolla Brighde MacNamee (13c), The Fair Hills of Ireland by Donnchad Ruadh MacNamara (1730), The Beasts' Confession by Jonathan Swift (1738), The King's Son by Thomas Boyd, The Bog Lands by WilliamA.Byrne, A Song of Freedom by Alice Mulligan, A Drover by Padraic Collum(1881-1972),I am the Mountainy Singer,I Will Go With My Father A-ploughing ,Shining Spaces and The Old Woman by Joseph Campbell (1879-1944), A Curse on a Closed Gate by James H. Cousins, Beside the Fire by T. W. Rolleston 
Joseph Mary Plunkett (1887-1916)
Introduction, I See His Blood Upon the Rose, A Wave of the Sea, The Living Temple, White Waves on the Water, Saint Augustine, Invocation, 1841-1891, When All the Stars Become a MemorySee the Crocus' Golden Cup, The Worm Joseph,
I Saw the Sun at Midnight
W.B. Yeats (1865-1939)
Introduction, 'I Am of Ireland, To a Child Dancing in the Wind, The Lake Isle of Innisfree, The Wild Swans at Coole, The Fisherman, An Irish Airman Forsees his Death, To the Red Rose Upon the Rood of Time, The Second Coming
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